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Machine Translation Materials

1. Computational Linguistics, a quarterly journal
Computational Linguistics is published by The MIT Press for: The Association for Computational Linguistics. It is a publication devoted exclusively to the design and analysis of natural language processing systems. It provides information about computational aspects of research on language, linguistics, and the psychology of language processing and performance.

2. Bibliographic Databases in Linguistics
This page allows you to access a collection of Bibliographic Databases in Linguistics held by the CL/MT Research Group at the University of Essex.

3. HPSG: Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar at Stanford
This page provides information about Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG) related activities at the Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI) at Stanford University, and pointers to other resources on the web.

4. LFG: Lexical Functional Grammar at Essex
The aim of this document is to provide access to information about various aspects of the grammatical theory known as Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG).

5. Language and Linguistics Research Papers On-line at Essex
This site contains papers authored by researchers in the Department of Language and Linguistics at Essex.

6. Downloadable Papers on Computational Linguistics, Doug Arnold
These are the on-line, downloadable Papers on Computational Linguistics by Doug Arnold.

7. Machine translation and computer-based translation tools - publications by John Hutchins
Publications by John Hutchins (University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, U.K.) Articles, books and papers about machine translation and computer-based translation tools, the historical development and current use of computers for the translation of natural languages.

8. Machine Translation (journal)
A journal published by Kluwer Academic Publishers Editor: Harold Somers, Centre for Computational Linguistics, UMIST, Manchester.

9. Mind (Journal)
The full text of Mind is available online from 1997. All Oxford Journals are also available here.

10. COMPUTING MACHINERY AND INTELLIGENCE, Article in Mind Journal, Oct. 1950
I PROPOSE to consider the question, 'Can machines think?' This should begin with definitions of the meaning of the terms 'machine 'and 'think'.

11. Master's Program in Computational Linguistics, USC
Master's Program in Computational Linguistics by the Natural Language Processing group at the Information Sciences Institute, School of Engineering, University of Southern California.

12. The NLP/CL Universe
A publicly extensible indexed compilation of Web resources related to computational linguistics.

13. NLP FAQ: Frequently asked questions about NLP
Answers important questions on NLP World-Wide Web resources, Which schools offer graduate programs in CL/NLP, How to apply to graduate school in CL/NLP in the USA, Organizations that are partly related to CL/NLP, Major non-academic research laboratories, What major publications exist in the field, Electronic mailing lists, Newsgroups, Professional Organizations, Associations, Major Conferences, Evaluation Competitions, How to join a mailing list, How to obtain files by anonymous ftp, What are some important books in NLP, Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Translation, Publishers.

14. Research in the Language, Information and Computation Laboratory (U. Penn)
This is the yearly report of the LINC Lab, the Language, Information and Computation Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania. It includes prototypical Natural Language fields such as: Combinatorial Categorial Grammars, Tree Adjoining Grammars, syntactic parsing and the syntax-semantics interface; but it extends to statistical methods, plan inference, instruction understanding, intonation, causal reasoning, free word order languages, geometric reasoning, medical informatics, connectionism, and language acquisition.

15. Publications on the KANT Project
The KANT project, Knowledge-based, Accurate Translation for technical documentation. The KANT project, part of the Center for Machine Translation (CMT) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), was founded in 1989 for the research and development of large-scale, practical translation systems for technical documentation. KANT uses a controlled vocabulary and grammar for each source language, and explicit yet focused semantic models for each technical domain to achieve very high accuracy in translation. Designed for multilingual document production, KANT has been applied to the domains of electric power utility management, heavy equipment technical documentation, medical records, car manuals, and TV captions.

16. Publications of Brown Laboratory for Linguistic Information Processing, Brown University, Rhode Island, US
Conducts research on natural language processing and statistical machine translation. Here you can find recent publications of the lab researchers: 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997 and earlier.

17. Recent publications of the Natural Language Processing Research Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Utah, US
Publications are on Information Extraction, Semantic Lexicon Learning, Text Categorization, Anaphora Resolution, Question Answering, Natural Language Interfaces for Programming.

18. Recent papers on Machine Translation, University of Maryland
The main goal of the machine translation research in the CLIP (Computational Linguistics and Information Processing Laboratory) Laboratory in UMIACS (University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies) is to investigate the applicability of a linguistic-based framework to the problem of large-scale interlingual machine translation.

19. SiteSeer
Search for aticles, theses, publications on computer science, artificial intelligence and machine translation.

20. Bonnie J. Dorr's Publications
Bonnie J. Dorr's Publications on Machine Translation and translational divergences.